Corporate Social Investment

Within the context, corporate social investment has a pivotal role to play in bringing about meaningful transformation to the benefit of all. The social needs facing developing countries are substantial and it is a moral duty for all businesses to make a difference by supporting projects that benefit historically disadvantaged sectors of our society.

With corporate social investment becoming ever more strategically focused, it also makes sense for businesses to align their corporate social investment spend with their core business objectives and imperatives. Such an approach moves CSI out of the charitable sphere into one in which true partnerships with beneficiaries, government and NGO’s bring about long-term sustainable development to the benefit of all.

It is against this background, and guided by the key social development needs highlighted by government, that our CSI projects have been selected.

Industrial & Mining actively supports CSI initiatives that:

  • help conserve our environment
  • showcase our heritage
  • encourage education
  • support social development (disability, HIV/Aids, women empowerment)
  • community upliftment

We also support our employees – through our Employee Volunteer Programme – who are involved in community volunteer work and encourage all employees to experience the personal rewards of giving their time and talents.

Training and Skills-development

We strive to train the community to help with the upliftment and the generation of skills within the sector to ensure a sustainable labour force to help with upliftment in general.

We identify shortfalls within the industry and train selected personnel.

Industrial & Mining Service philosophy

Reliable & efficient service has generated the loyal customer support that has enabled us to expand the company into one of the leading suppliers and service providers.

Industrial & Mining have access to a wide range of items. Supplying various well-known branded products to ensure handling of any urgent requirements for maintenance, during breakdown of equipment in day-to-day operations.

We believe that customer satisfaction can only be achieved through reliable, efficient service: The service we so proudly render is an integral part of the construction and mining industries; we have personnel on call.

Our Network

When only the best is expected

There is no telling when an emergency will occur, only the certainty that it will, and for this reason we consistently plan ahead. Our network of reputable product manufacturers and suppliers produce equipment and operate in adherence to international product and service standards. We are available for contact 24 hours a day. This enables you, the customer, to have people tend to your needs when and wherever the problem occurs.

Service, products, supplies and spare parts are available for any equipment situation or need.