Seal Flushless Cartridge


TYPE 5870

Flushless Cartridge Seal

  • Paper Stock
  • Fibrous Media
  • General Duty Slurries

The Type 5870 Flushless Seal is designed to operate unsupported in all paper stock consistencies and light slurry applications in Goulds Pumps’ TaperBore™ PLUS with Vane Particle Ejector (VPE) seal chambers. John Crane’s Type 5870 open-profile, abrasive-resistant sealing faces positioned near the impeller, allows cool running and clog-free performance.

  • Goulds Pumps’ TaperBore PLUS VPE seal chambers allow operation in up to 6% paper stock and light slurries up to 20% by weight without typical flush water seal support.
  • Seal lubrication and cooling are supplied from the pumped fluids.

Performance Capabilities

  • Temperatures: Up to 150°C/300°F
  • Pressures: Up to 21 bar g/300 psig
  • Particle Size: Up to 5,000 micron
  • Speeds: Up to 11 m/s / 2200 fpm
  • Axial Movement: ± 2mm/0.080"
  • Services: Up to 6% paper stock, ash slurries, corn slurries, beer wort, sugar juice, raw sewage, slurries up to 20% by weight.

Design Features

  • No Support Required — Smooth, open-profile seal faces resist clogging and receive cooling and lubrication from the pumped liquid, eliminating flush water seal support.
  • TaperBore PLUS Seal Chamber — VPE ring efficiently removes fibers, solids and vapors from pumped liquid, extending Type 5870 seal reliability.
  • Cartridge Design — Factory preassembled into a complete package and tested to ensure fast, easy installation and trouble-free startup.
  • Clog-Resistant — Large, dynamic o-ring prevents fibers or solids from causing hang-up and limiting seal life.
  • Rotating Mating Ring — Designed for maximum cool running, higher shaft speeds and more gland-to-shaft misalignment.
  • Flexible — Rugged, single-coil spring, located outside of the product, allows for greater shaft motion due to cavitation, pulsations and other upset operating conditions.
  • Quench Connection — Allows grease or water to lubricate and cool atmospheric side of seal if dry-running, cavitation or air bind operation occurs.

Materials of Construction

Face/Primary Ring Solid Tungsten Carbide -
Seat/Mating Ring Solid Tungsten Carbide; -
Gland Plate Assembly
Sleeve Assembly
Stub Sleeve
Auxiliary Gland
316 Stainless Steel -
O-Rings TFE Elastomer (Aflas®) Ethylene Propylene Fluoroelastomer (Viton®)
V-Rings Nitrile -

Aflas is a registered trademark of Asahi Glass.
Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont.
Safeunit is a registered trademark of John Crane Inc.

Quench Options

Quench water usage can be optimized and controlled with a Safeunit®. Grease quench can be automatically replenished with the grease feeder option. Contact John Crane about these quench supply options.