Shaft Alignment system

Even the most conservative surveys carried out over the last ten years in a wide variety of industries indicate that 50 percent of all machine breakdowns are directly due to poor alignment. Some surveys have shown that as many as 90 percent of machines are running beyond their recommended tolerances.

It is not surprising that excessive vibration, bearing failures, seal damage, couplings failures, reduced plant time in service and increased energy bills are all accepted parts of machinery maintenance. It is often only when the very worst conditions, i.e. the risk of injury and equipment damage, unplanned production stops or the deterioration of product quality, are experienced that much time and attention is focused on the issue.

John Crane has had a long term association with shaft alignment equipment as correct alignment is crucial for the reliability of bearings, mechanical seals and power transmission couplings.

LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System, LASE-A-LIGN EX Shaft Alignment System and shims complement our product portfolio and ensures that when used, failure due to misalignment is minimized.


LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System is a high precision user-friendly alignment system incorporating functions to eliminate human error and optimize productivity. With its straightforward and intuitive operation, LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System is a dynamic precision laser alignment measurement instrument that won’t overstretch your budget. The system offers a variety of options to generate and archive alignment measurement reports directly in .PDF format to a memory stick or using the (optional) Alignment Center PC software. Ideal for maintenance departments in industrial organisations, this highly-developed and user-friendly system measures and aligns machinery used in the power, chemical, water treatment, production and processing industries. Precision alignment of rotating machinery is now achievable on a budget and has never been simpler than with LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System

Design Features

Simple measurement procedure
Step by step guide through the process. Dimension – Measure – Result

Horizontal alignment
Misalignment is measured in 2 different planes: Vertical & Horizontal

Patented single laser/detector technology.

Active clock measurement mode
Intelligent and precise alignment due to the activated electronic inclinometer used in this measurement mode. Measurement can be taken within any black sector from any 3 or 4 positions. Sensor angular position is automatically considered in the calculations during shaft positioning and measurement can start at any position and in any direction with a shaft rotation over as little as 70°.

Automatic evaluation of alignment condition. Dynamic tolerances evaluate the alignment condition based upon the machine RPM. The LED and Tick provide visual indication of the alignment condition and a live update status during machine correction.

Live monitoring
Of both horizontal and vertical coupling and foot results are automatically calculated.

  • Machine graphics show the direction and correction value of feet to be moved
  • During Live Move, LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System continuously measures the corrections
  • Monitored changes are displayed live on the screen

Static measurement mode
Requires any 3 of the 8 available 45° measurement positions.

The detector measurement area is extended to allow alignment of grossly misaligned machines. This is ideal for long spans, and eliminates the need for rough alignment, hence the possibility to record the initial alignment status.

Soft foot check
Measure, correct and save results.

Alignment uncoupled and non-rotatable shafts

Data protection
Auto save and resume capability.

High resolution mono backlit TFT screen and USB interface integrated

IP65 and IP67 approved:
Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Tested and approved in accordance with Ingress Protection Rating System.

Alpha-numeric keyboard/navigations keys
Ensure comfortable operation of the measurement system.

Horizontal alignment
Vertical and flange-mounted alignment
Soft foot
²Alignment of coupled, uncoupled and non-rotatable shafts
EX Bluetooth
EX/ATEX approved
IP65 IP67 approved
Active clock
Sweep measurement mode
Static measurement mode
Train alignment
Hot alignment check /Quick check
Live monitoring
Pipe strain wizard
Add feet;
Thermal growth
Multiple feet
Result table
Ease of use
Alphanumeric keyboard/navigations keys
LED indicators
Mono screen
Color screen
Data protection /Reports printing
99Save measurements500


Shaft Alignment system

The LASE-A-LIGN EX Shaft Alignment System has all the benefits of the LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System but incorporates additional functionality and features.

The intrinsically safe EX rating allows this device to be used in hazardous environments and a EX Bluetooth module allows for convenient and flexible wireless data transmission when conducting alignment on either horizontal, vertical and flange mounted machines.

With the continuous Sweep measurement mode, hundreds of positions are automatically measured as shafts are rotated. Measurement can start in any direction with the sensors at any position. All relevant alignment results, including soft foot, are graphically displayed on high resolution backlit TFT screen.

With LASE-A-LIGN EX Shaft Alignment System, shaft alignment has never been so easy.

Design Features

Horizontal, vertical & flange mounted machines
Simple measurement procedure. Step by step guide through the entire process.

Sweep measurement mode
Measurement data is automatically and continuously collected as the shafts are rotated. A shaft rotation of 60° captures a large number measurement points to accurately determine the alignment condition. Measurement can start at any position and in any direction.

Train alignment
Measures and displays the entire alignment condition of 3- machine train, allowing the user to make an optimal machine move.

Thermal growth
Enter alignment targets and thermal growth values including input of dial indicator readings.

Pipe strain wizard The Pipe Strain Wizard checks for strain from external sources acting on machines.

Hot alignment check/quick check
Used to take ‘hot’ alignment readings in a matter of minutes after machines are shut off. Components are mounted on the shafts quickly and rigidly using the pre-assembled brackets. Switch on and rotate shafts. Dimensions are entered after measurement.

Multiple feet
Alignment for 6 foot machines. If measuring a six-foot machine, it is possible to determine the correction value of the middle pair of feet.

Fixed feet
Selection resolves base-bound and bolt-bound problems.

Result table
Verify measurement repeatability.

EX/ATEX approved.
Intrinsically safe. For use in hazardous areas.

EX Bluetooth
Allows for wireless data transmission.

High resolution color backlit TFT screen and USB interface integrated

Save up to 500 measurement files. Download as a PDF to a memory stick


Shims are important when accuracy is vital in providing optimum support for the machine feet of rotating equipment. The smallest fraction of inaccuracy can cause vibration, which in turn may result in breakdown and expensive downtime.

The use of pre-cut shims offers consistent, accurate positioning and increased machine reliability.

It has been shown that pre-cut shims are four times more cost effective than hand cut machine shims. An added advantage of pre-cut shims is they contribute greatly to safer working practices, reducing the danger of injury to maintenance personnel during installation and cutting.

Design Features

  • Manufactured from high quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Available in several machine foot sizes, each with different thickness options to give exactly the right alignment correction
  • Easily and quickly identified by permanent markings indicating shim thickness
  • Pre-cut shims are completely flat which ensures stability and consistent machine support over the full surface of the shim
  • Burr-free and specially rounded corners help avoid injury to maintenance personnel during the alignment process
  • Extraction and insertion tab facilitates positioning and removal of the shim

Shims Ordering

Send the numbers of packets of each shim size required and your order number, to your nearest John Crane office. Shims are supplied in clearly labelled, robust packs.