Processing Plant

Coal Drying System Process Flow

Coal (Wet Basis) from Coal storage yard or coal mine is loaded onto belt conveyor and conveyed to sealing feeder for a direct feed into the JNG energy saving drum dryer. After undergoing a process of medium heat exchange drying, the coal is loaded onto the discharging conveyor belt from the discharging box. The coal is then conveyed to the storage yard.

Hot to medium (hot fuel gas) for coal drying is produced and prepared in a coal-fired hot blast heater. The environment air, which is sucked into the flue pipe with an air blower and hot fuel gas from the hot blast furnace, is sent to the drum dryer after temperature adjustment where it heats the wet coal and absorbs the water vapour. The mixture of hot gas and water vapour go through a discharging box and flue pipe and is sent to dust collecting cyclone for powdered coal recovery. The preliminary purified gas is sent to the bag filter for further purification. Then the waste gas goes through the exhaust funnel and is discharged to the atmosphere by the induced draft fan.

The powdered coal collected by the First Stage dust collector is loaded onto the discharging conveyor by discharging spiral and sealed coal discharger, then mixed with the dried coal. The powder coal collected from the second stage bag filter, is loading onto the discharging conveyor by the discharging spiral.

Drying fig2