Rotary Metal Drum Coal Drying

The drying machine is a rotary metal drum, which is set at an angle of about 3-5 degrees and rotates at a speed of 2-8R/Min. the coal remains in the drum for 8-12min. The coal drum is uniflow which means the hot fuel gas and coal are fed in at one end and discharged at the other. The heat exchange takes place during the process of gas-solids concurrent flow in the drum.

Benefits of a Drum Coal Drying System

  1. The process is simple and operation reliable.  If the factory is reasonably and compactly laid out as a whole with combination of feeding, crushing, drying and discharging, the total investment will be low and service life long.
  2. The drying thermal efficiency is high compared with other drying systems.
  3. The feeding quantity is adjustable with the sealed coal feeder. The coal flows fluent and unblocked.
  4. Measures are adopted to collect the dust and prevent smoke at the drying drum, hot blast furnace and system transfer point. You will not see the air rebounded with dust and smoke.
  5. Automatic monitoring system can monitor temperature and pressure at four points: furnace, dryer inlet, dryer outlet and inlet of induced draft fans which guarantee normal and safe production.
  6. Big volume drum dryers are adopted to shorten the residence time of coal in the dryer to prevent coal burning and pulverization. In designing the drum dryer, we consider reliable performance, high capacity, high thermal efficiency, avoidance of caking, etc.
  7. In designing the furnace, we consider easy ignition, quick heating, etc. In designing the dust collector, we chose deducting cyclone, which is high temperature resistant and without moving components, and high efficient pulse bag filter.